Winner of Inner Goddess Bath Pack and Yogurt Coupons

Winner of the yogurt coupons and "Inner Goddess" bath pack: Jan (J.T.) Thomason. Congrats Jan! Please send me your mailing address and phone number.

And thank you to everyone who commented and entered the contest. You're the best! Please don't give up if you didn't win, but keep visiting, because there'll be more contests coming up. Until then, there'll be fun articles to read. Plus, tomorrow's post will be an exceptionally funny one (at least that's what one "pre-reader" told me).

What would you do when a huge bag of M&Ms keeps calling out to you? Well, I tried to stay on my diet, but ....

(Stop by tomorrow to find out what happened! )


Oz Girl said...

Congrats to Jan! :)

M&Ms calling out your name, huh? I think EVERYTHING has been calling out my name lately. *sigh* So hard to lose a few lbs the older we get. I know, speak for myself, huh. LOL

Happy Easter Cindy!!!!

Slamdunk said...

Yea for Jan.

Fortunately, not eating chocolate has its advantages. Now, my problem would be 3 year old twins with m&ms bags that call their names--and I am expected to be the server...

CL Beck, author: MormonMishaps said...

Slamdunk: What, you're NOT going to be the twins' server? Aw, come on, Dad! :)