Donations to LDS Church Relief Fund, and Red Cross

Thank you so much to all those who commented here by Feb 5, and thereby donated $1 each to Haitian Relief. There were a total of 21 comments (not including mine) and 20 of those wanted their $1 donation to go to the LDS Church's Emergency Response Fund.

One other individual wanted her $1 to go to the Red Cross, because she felt a larger portion of the donation would go to actual relief than with other charities. Just to clarify a point on that, you'll notice below that the LDS Church states that 100% of the donations go to help those in need.

However, both charities are great places to donate.

It seemed kind of sad for me to donate only one little dollar to the Red Cross, so I added a couple of bucks in for those of you who were going to comment and forgot. :)

Below are copies of the transactions, so you'll know I really did follow through on the donations. Thanks again for caring about your fellow man and for being the kind, generous people that you are!


LDS Church's Humanitarian Emergency Response, Transaction Summary

Dear Cindy Beck,

We are grateful for your donation of $20.00 to Humanitarian - Emergency Response.
We appreciate your efforts to make a tangible difference in someone's life, and to bless the lives of others around the world. 100% of your donation goes to help those in need.


Humanitarian Services
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Transaction Date: 2/7/10 Amount: $20.00

Designations: Humanitarian - Emergency Response
Comments: For Haitian Relief

Red Cross Transaction Summary

Transaction Date: 2/7/10

First Name: Cindy

Last Name: Beck

Gift Amount: $10.00 This organization's tax ID is: 53-0196605


Unknown said...

Awesome Cindy! We all know that there is no such thing as a small amount. Every little bit adds up to create a huge amount! :)

I donated my Choice Hotel points to the Haiti effort ($20 to Red Cross) since I know I'll never stay at any of their hotels again!

Tristi Pinkston said...

What a great thing to do, Cindy.