Thoughtful Thursday--A Tomato... by C.L. Beck

Here it is, Thoughtful Thursday, which was preceded by Wordless Wednesday, which came a day or two (depending on your perspective) after Muddled Monday. I seem to have quite a few Muddled Mondays ... sometimes eight or ten a week.

Oh, all right. Not really. But hey, sometimes it feels that way.

Thoughtful Thursday quote:

Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit; wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad. ~ Author unknown.

Cool-Findz and a Contest at City Gal Moves to Oz Land

Posted by C.L. (Cindy Lynn) Beck
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In case you were wondering, here's the latest news at my end of the planet. Two of my awesome bloggy friends, Susan at City Gal Moves to Oz Land, and Misty at My Dogs Keep Me Sane, have started a new blog with me. Wahoo!

(Although she doesn't really look like this 'cause that image is just an avatar!

(Who probably looks a little like this, but I only know her from the bloggy world so can't say for sure.

(Who hasn't looked like this for many years. Maybe never, since I "skinnied" myself up just for your benefit!)

Yup, we started a new blog. Like we seriously did not have anything else to do, right? Oh yah, sure. :)

We couldn't help it though, because we came up with this idea and it seemed like such a good one. Cool-Findz is our new collaborative blog to introduce our readers to the best of Zazzle. Throughout the year, we'll post our favorites from all the Zazzle stores we find in the Zazzle universe. There's some seriously cool stuff on Zazzle! We don't have a lot posted there yet, but we will soon, so take a peek at Cool-Findz when you get a minute and check out the items we've showcased in the right sidebar.

In keeping with that, Susan is doing a $25 gift certificate giveaway, and I thought you might want to know about it. Valentine's Day will be here before you know it ... and then Mother's Day ... and Father's Day ... and ... well, not to mention birthdays. But you get my drift, right? And it would be nice to have $25 of awesome Zazzle stuff to give to family, friends, or just keep for yourself.

Here's the info, taken from Susan's blog at City Gal Moves to Oz Land. Remember, the contest is being done at her blog and you'll need to go there to enter.

A New Year = A New Zazzle Giveaway!

Here's our kick-off into the New Year ~ I'm featuring a Zazzle giveaway on my blog, City Gal Moves to Oz Land ~ along with two of my bestest bloggy friends, Cindy from Write Up My Alley and Misty Dawn from My Dogs Keep Me Sane. (Cindy, Misty and I are the three crazy authors of a new blog, Cool-Findz!)

Here's how the Zazzle giveaway works: You visit each of our Zazzle stores using the links below, find one item you like from each store, and mention it on my [Susan's] blog in a comment.

Be sure to hike over to my [Susan's] blog
to actually enter the giveaway!

If you want extra entries, you are more than welcome to Tweet out this giveaway or mention it on Facebook, just let Susan know in an extra comment that you've done so.

The winner will get their pick of any item up to $25 from one of our three Zazzle stores!

Note: This giveaway will end on January 27th at midnight, PST.

The winner will be announced between January 28th and 29th. I [Susan] will advise the winner of any current Zazzle promotions so that they can maximize the $25 they have to spend!

Here are the links to our Zazzle stores:
Misty Dawn's Photography
By The Becks
Wheatgrass Designs Photography

Tell you what, I'll make the giveaway pot a lil sweeter -- become a follower of Cool-Findz, add a comment over on my [Susan's] blog letting me know, and you'll get a bonus TWO entries into this month's country giveaway!!

So get visiting, post your comments on my [Susan's] blog about what you'd like to win from each store, and good luck to every one of you!

And my best wishes to everyone for a fabulous 2012!!!

~ Susan

Happy New Year!

By C.L. (Cindy Lynn) Beck

Happy 2012!

May it be a happy, healthy, prosperous year for all!