A Funny Poem about Being Busy ... by C.L. Beck

It's Been a Month Since I Have Writ



I'm sittin' here and feelin' sad,
Just knowin' I am so, so bad!

It's been a month since I have writ.
My brain says I am a nit wit.

My friends think I done flew the coop.
But ... I've been busy makin' soup,

And feedin' hawgs, and training dawgs,
And just for fun, been felling logs.

I scraped my knee, what really hurt.
Fell on my face, down in the dirt,

And writ this poem, as I lay there,
While little ants climbed in my hair.

And even though, I must admit,
I've made this up -- yup, every bit --

I'm hoping it will make you smile,
Forgive me for a little while.

And you'll still visit me right here,
Despite the fact there's no free beer.

Won't worry 'bout my missing face --
That hasn't been here, in this place.

Yes, life can surely be such fun.
So much to do, been on the run.

But, I'll be back again someday --
And then I'll have a lot to say!


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Article: "A Funny Poem about Being Busy" © C.L. Beck
Poem: "It's Been a Month Since I Have Writ" © C.L. Beck
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