You Won't Want to Miss the "Million Dollar Diva" Review

By C.L. Beck 

Photo © Tristi Pinkston

Author, editor, and person extraordinaire, Tristi Pie Pinkston, recently asked if I'd be interested in doing a book review on her latest creation, Million Dollar Diva. I agreed for two reasons.

1. Corky Porky Pie, our dog, adores anyone with "Pie" in their name. Hmm, or maybe it's any thing with "pie" in its name?  Apple pie, berry pie, peach pie? Well, no matter because Tristi's middle name isn't really "Pie" but it is her cute nickname, and hence, Corky Porky Pie and I agreed to a review. 

However, as you'll see by reason #2, we didn't decide solely based on food.

2. Tristi Pinkston is an excellent writer. Really, seriously, good. And although I don't do reviews much anymore because I don't have time--too many church duties, writing duties, doggie dooties (pewie!)--well, you catch my drift. Too much going on and no time to read. However, knowing that any book Tristi wrote would not waste my teensy amount of personal time, I agreed to helping her. And looked forward to diving into the diva book.

3. Any book with a title like Million Dollar Diva--major emphasis on "million dollar," and partial emphasis on "diva"--catches my attention instantly. I would love to be a million dollar diva! Heck, I'd settle for being a half-million dollar, not so diva-ish, diva.

Oh, I gave three reasons instead of two? Well, consider the last one a freebie. Which might be why I'm only a $2 diva. Too many freebies.

At any rate, hang onto your hats because very soon (May 7), I'll post the review. You won't want to miss it!


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"You Won't Want to Miss the 'Million Dollar Diva Review'" © C.L. (Cindy Lynn) Beck
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Slamdunk said...

Ha, nicely done in creating anticipation for your review Cindy.

Looking forward to your take on Tristi's book.