Important People I've Known

Here's a post card from Dave Barry, in response to a note I sent about a photo of him in the Salt Lake Tribune that looked strange, and gave him four eyes and two pairs of eyeglasses.


Roy Rogers, the "King of the Cowboys," ended up in Tonopah, Nevada in 1960. If memory serves me correctly, he was either on vacation or traveling through and had vehicle troubles. Being the nice guy that he was, Roy posed for photos and I was lucky enough to have a picture taken with him, and get his autograph. I could tell you which one is me, but instead I think I'll leave you guessing! But I'm pretty sure Roy is in the one in the hat.

Original photo © T/Sgt Charles (Chuck) Red, Photo currently the property of C.L. Beck, Digital image © C.L. Beck

[Note: There is some discussion as to whether or not Roy was there in 1960 or 1961. Despite the date written in pencil below the autograph, my mom thinks it was actually in the summer of 1961. She also said he was driving through in his motor home when it broke down and since Tonopah was such a small town, he had to wait for the parts to come in by 20 mule team ... well, okay, most likely by truck.]