Easter Gift Baskets ... by C.L. Beck

A few of you might be surprised to see me writing again so soon. After all, my main occupations - snacking and napping - require most of my time. However, there is a reason for my being here.

The Blogging Workshop

I recently went to a blogging workshop which was terrific - and really warm. Not the ideas, but the room temperature. I tell you, a woman can only unzip a fleece sweater so far before risking lock-up.

Fleece. Now I know why those woolly sheep never get cold in the winter.

But, not to get distracted here ... one of the brilliant items taught there was how to earn money blogging.

Seriously. Yes, apparently blogging can do more than just give us all a place to spout off about life's irritations. Who'd a thunk it?

Today, I checked out the site the presenter told us about. The one-that-really-should-give-me-millions-for-my-brilliant-blogs, and I signed up. Lo and behold, within 24 hours I received an assignment to go out to Gourmet Gift Baskets and write about their Easter Gift Baskets. To be more specific, to discuss what I thought about their site.

Easter Gift Baskets

Who could pass by an opportunity to peruse Easter gift baskets and then give an opinion? Thoughts of bunnies, and eggs, and chocolates - oh, my - ran through my brain. And I was not disappointed when I looked at Gourmet Gift Baskets pages.

The site was nicely set up, pages were clean and professional. The numerous product links that I tried worked well, too. But, alas, I will admit I didn't try all of them because that would qualify me as a web designer and I am not making web designer pay.

Most importantly, though, Easter bunnies abounded! (Abounded. No pun intended.) I'll admit that some of the hippity-hoppity bunnies were stuffed, and not real, but the advantage to a stuffed bunny is you don't have to do pooper-scooper detail.

After looking at Gourmet Gift Baskets luscious pictures of candy, candy, and more candy, I thought I might need a paper towel.

Yes, to clean the drool off my keyboard.

At any rate, I'm thinking that when my "blogging for pay" riches finally come in, I might have to head out there again. Because you know, I could only figure out so much about how the Easter Gift Baskets might taste by looking at them.

And licking my computer screen didn't help, either.


(Disclosure: This article is brought to you by your friends at GourmetGiftBaskets.com. For more disclosure information, please read the disclosure page.)

"Easter Gift Baskets" © C.L. (Cindy Lynn) Beck
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Anna Maria Junus said...

Sure, the old switcheroo. Promise me one thing (how to make money writing blogs) and then go on about how cute bunnies are and remind me that I still have to do the Easter bunny thing even though no one believes anymore but it wouldn't be fair to my 12 year old not to get an Easter basket when everyone else did at her age and as teenagers because she existed.