Sex, Politics, Religion, and Halloween ... by C.L. Beck

Photo used with permission from Blogsvertise.com and HalloweenMart.com.

According to my astute and very precise calculations, we have exactly 238 days until Halloween.

Oh, all right, so I didn't calculate it myself because that would've involved math in one of its stupefying forms. Such as addition, or maybe subtraction. It's hard to say which.

Instead of taxing what little is left of my brain, I searched online to find it. No, not my brain; to find the number of days until Halloween. And since this blog is actually hosted by Google, we'll say that Google was my search engine.

It's not a lie ... it's pretend. Sorta like what the politicians are doing in this election year. Pretending to be real earthlings when, in actuality, most of them are from planet Tell-A-Whopper.

But, I didn't come here today to discuss politics. I'm a firm believer that there are three things you never discuss with friends:

1. Sex - because that would be downright embarrassing, especially if my folks were to read this article.
2. Politics - because people kill each other over it.
3. Religion - because people kill each other over it. Hey, that's the same as #2! Why don't we just make politics a religion and shorten the list?

After crossing off those three, apparently all that's left is talking about Halloween. Yes, I know it's a little early for Halloween, but I have a point here. If I can remember it.

Nope, I've lost it in my post-lunch stupor. Really, I did not intend to eat a cinnamon roll and a slice of poppy seed bread for lunch. It was just that they called out to me, and I did eat.

Now, where was I? Oh yes. My post-lunch sugar high reminded me mightily of Halloween. Plus, while searching for an image in my computer recently I ran across several pictures of myself in Halloween attire, thereby causing me to ponder the fall/winter holidays.

Add to that the fact I was offered an assignment paying moolah, pesos, pennies ... wait a minute, the money is getting smaller by the minute here ... to post links to HalloweenMart.com, a site that carries fun Halloween costumes. Yup, they have pages and pages of both "Kids Halloween Costumes," and "Adult Halloween Costumes."

It was all just too much for a mere mortal such as myself. (She says with a sigh, while placing back of hand to forehead.)

And if hearing there are only 238 days left to make that momentous decision about Halloween costumes isn't nerve-wracking enough, here are a few more frazzling thoughts.

Only 260 days until Thanksgiving.

Only 293 days until Christmas.

All of which reminds me that it's time to start saving my money in advance for the holidays. Or to go take a Prozac and lie down with a cool cloth on my head. I'm not sure which.

(Disclosure: This is a paid blog article for Blogsvertise and HalloweenMart.com. However, my opinions of the sites, events, of the companies involved, or the quality of the products mentioned are my own. For more disclosure information, please read the disclosure page.)

"Sex, Politics, Religion, and Halloween" © C.L. (Cindy Lynn) Beck
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1 comment:

Anna Maria Junus said...

If you read enough Mormon blogs you would swear that politics is their religion.

Cool that you get paid to do this. Now if I could just convince someone to pay me and make snarky remarks I could make a fortune. Or at least lunch. Or hire someone to make me lunch.

Now that I know how soon it is to Halloween I'm getting a little stressed myself.