Awards given to C.L. (Cindy) Beck

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2009 LUW Provo Chapter Contest
2007 League of Utah Writers' Contest (multiple awards)
2007 Utah Press Association, "Best Feature Column"


Thanks to Shirley Bahlmann (or as my hubby and I call her, "Sweeta Juanita") at Shirley Bahlmann Biz for recently granting me the "Lovely Blogger Award." Shirley is a good friend, a kind person, and a great writer. (Yes, she is one of the best!) She's written more than 16 books, and is currently working on one with Merrill Osmond. Check out Shirley's blog for a glimpse of her sense of humor.


Slam Dunks is a good guy, and some time ago he was nice enough to include me when giving this award. Despite the fact that I've been slow at getting it posted, it doesn't mean I haven't appreciated his kindness. Slam Dunks posts information about police cases, and always has an interesting point of view, so when you get a minute, check him out. Thanks for the award, Slam Dunks!


Thanks so much to Rachelle Christensen, at Rachelle Writes, for this lovely award. Rachelle is a thoughtful, kind blogger, and has a two books coming out this year that I'm really excited about. Check out her blog for information on Wrong Number, and Lost Children: Coping with Miscarriage.


A big, big thank you to Karlene Browning at InkSplasher and Ronda Hinrichsen at The Write Blocks for presenting the "Over the Top" award to me. Karlene is warm, witty, and a woman of many talents. Ronda is an excellent writer and friend, who's always willing to lend a hand. I love visiting both of their blogs, and you will, too.


Kreativ Blog Award: Oz-Girl, Ali Cross, and Nichole Giles all gave me this award, but at different times. Who knew I'd be so lucky? Thanks gals; you're great! I really appreciate it, and love your blogs. (Please check out Oz-Girl's blog, Ali's blog and Nichole's blog.)


Lemonade Award: Oz-Girl gave me this cute award when I cracked my ribs goofing off with the cub scouts.(Click here to read about it--"Fifty-something.") Oz-Girl's a great friend, and fantastic photographer. Check out Oz-Girl's blog!


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Girl Tornado said...

I like your menu at the top of your blog, with the navigation to particular pages. Well done!

And you are so sweet to thank me for the awards... *hugs*