Looking for Fun ... and a Contest!

© C.L. Beck, 2009

The whole social networking thing had me baffled for the longest time. Why would anyone want to spend their day announcing to the world that they just blew their nose, or they had broccoli stuck in their teeth?

However, when one of my publishers said, "It's a good idea for my authors to join Facebook and Twitter," in that soothing, do-it-or-die tone of voice, I decided all on my own to join.

Now, though, I'm worried. When I'm on line doing the social networking scene, does it mean I can catch an on line social disease? Something with a catchy (no pun intended) name like, Going-going-gone-orheeha?

I'm not sure. All I know is that the other day, I wanted to post a note about the Ephraim Co-op holiday craft fair. It seemed like a simple thing to do and I was pretty positive that despite my history of never being on the cutting edge of anything ... except maybe a steak knife ... I could accomplish it with class and decorum.

I typed in my note, which asked people if they were looking for something fun to do for the holiday weekend and then instructed them to go to Ephraim.

Whenever a note is posted on Facebook, the site always puts the postor postum Post Toasties postee's name first, so people know it's not from some impostor with broccoli in his teeth, pretending he belongs to Facebook.

When I finished entering my note it read, "Cindy Beck: Looking for fun for the Thanksgiving weekend? Then head down to the Ephraim Co-op for the holiday craft fair."

When I clicked the little button to post the information, I realized immediately that Facebook didn't love me. It split my entry so the first line read, "Cindy Beck: Looking for fun."

Then it put the remainder of the note further below.

How many people are on Facebook? Millions? Needless to say, all my years of Catholic high school kicked in and I was mortified, but there was no undoing the announcement.

For all of you who read that entry, may read it, or hope to read it, please take note. Most people think I'm fun, but despite what Facebook says, I most certainly am not the kind of girl who's looking for fun!

At least not the kind of fun that's followed by Going-going-gone-orheeha.

What's playing in my head: Girls Just Want to Have Fun by Cyndi Lauper.



LAST WEEK'S WINNER : Congrats to Carol L. on winning the Twilight-inspired fragrance. Carol, please contact me no later than midnight on Wednesday, Nov. 25 to claim your prize. Send me an email with your mailing address and phone number at cindybeck(dot)author(at)yahoo(dot)com.

If the prize isn't claimed by Wednesday, a new winner will be drawn.

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I tried the Triple Cherry/Wild Blueberry flavor and loved it. Since I'm a person who uses kid's sparkle toothpaste, and still loves the flavor of bubblegum, it's a pretty safe bet that if I enjoyed the yogurt, kids will, too. The colors are bright, the flavor is great, and I just finished up my third cup of it a few minutes ago, so that tells you something.

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Taffy said...

Hello again! I posted your contest on my blog. Good luck on your book signings in December. I'm excited for you ladies!

Bernie said...

You have a fun post. I haven't read anything you have written but I will.

Dave Beck said...

That happens!

Watchman said...

Hey hey hey, is this the Cindy whose looking to have fun for Thanksgiving?

Too funny. I've unintentionally done some pretty weird things in my life but fortunately failed to broadcast it to the entire social networking crowd.

You certainly know how to make a name for yourself, girl.

Valerie Ipson said...

That's hilarious, Cindy! I love it!

C. LaRene Hall said...

I'm already a follower, and as usual you have something to make my day brighter. Keep up the great posts.

Triple Nickel said...

I once told a date I had an STD (social texting disorder). For some reason she never went out with me again?!?
Great blog!

Girl Tornado said...

Congrats on the book, and the upcoming book signings for both of you.. how exciting! :)

That is just too funny about your FB posting.

(Don't enter me in this contest, since regretfully I don't know or have any kiddies to gift the yoplait or lunch pack to... wait a minute, I DO have a husband, does he count??!)

Slamdunk said...

Your Facebook posting was hilarious. I am sure you do not want to check your Facebook inbox after that one.

I hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Nichole Giles said...

Oh my goodness. Why didn't you tell me you were looking for a good time? I would've brought over my game of Sorry! I must've missed being on Facebook that day. Darn it.

Anyway, I love that Trix yogurt. So do my kids. It really is very tasty--more of a treat than a healthy snack. So...feel free to enter me. Once for the comment, and another because I'll follow you like the pied piper. Well, okay, maybe not quite so far, but still. You know. True friends and all that.

Madwoman-doing-cartwheels said...

Enter me in your giveaway so I can try the Trix yogurt.

Loved your post! I am steadfastly refusing to Twitter so I know exactly what you are talking about. Not even sure what the root to the twitter aversion is...

+1 extra entry I'm following you (because you are looking for fun)

rubymoonstone at gmail dot com

Carol L. said...

That is too funny. lol lol
You sure will get a lot of responses. lol
Thanks for the win of the Twilight fragrance. I emailed you with the address. Let me know if you get it. :)
Carol L.

Kimberly Job said...

I laughed my head off when I saw that on Facebook. :)

Cindy Beck, author said...

Bernie, Watchman, Taffy, Triple Nickel, Dave, Valerie, Connie, Oz-Girl, Slam Dunk, Nichole, Mad Woman, Carol and Kimberly: Thanks so much for reading and commenting. Wish I could award each of you a prize for being faithful readers! :)