Bill Dancer's Classic Bloopers

Posted by C.L. (Cindy) Beck

Hopefully, you won't have seen this blooper video before ... but even so, you'll laugh again. I've probably watched it at least ten times and I still giggle at the things that happen to Bill Dancer.

And now that you've had a chance to watch it, which segment made you laugh the most? The one that tickles me every time is when the motor pops loose from the boat!


Carol L. said...

hahahaha I'm not going to say it Cindy, what is it about seeing people making fools of themselves that makes me laugh hysterically ?
Oh Lord,hahahaha
I though when he swung the battery around his friend was a goner. hahaha
Thanks again Cindy,

Triple Nickel said...

This was great. I also loved when he fell in with the battery, but I also laughed watching the vidow guy fall in. I can't imagine how much that camera cost?
Thanks for the laughts!!!

Slamdunk said...

Yeah, I am with Triple Nickel--the camera guy falling off the hill and into the water; you know that equipment was destroyed.