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If you could choose any career you wanted, what would it be? If I couldn't be a writer, my other chosen profession would be that of a very rich philanthropist. (You noticed I added "very rich" into that phrase, huh? :o)

Why would I choose that? Because I love to help others by giving things away. And what could be more fun than having so much money that you had a grundle of greenbacks to give to those that needed them?

Even though I'm not a rich philanthropist (well, not yet anyway), I'm still lucky/blessed enough to have the opportunity to give things away occasionally. Right now, my friends and I are holding a fun, $20 gift certificate giveaway until Dec 28. The winner gets to spend $20 at any of the 6 shops listed below. It's easy to enter ... just go to A Sunny Holiday Giveaway and follow the instructions!

To give you a taste of the fun things you could purchase with your winnings, here's where you'll be shopping ...

Hang In There mug

Misty Dawn Photography
Misty Dawn Seidel is a nature photographer who's photography includes wildlife, domestic animals, macro photography, sunsets, abstract, landscapes and more. If it catches my eye, she photographs it. At her shop you can find a variety of gifts printed with her photos. You can see more of her photos here.

A Bit o' Sunshine
Ruthi Cox is an artist, photographer and poet...and she combines all three in the products she designs in her shops at CafePress and Zazzle. Her words dance with the art and pictures, encouraging readers to live life to the fullest.

(The winner can shop at either store, but will need to choose between her CafePress or Zazzle shop).

Send Out Cards
Send Out Cards is a company that makes it easy and inexpensive to send cards to loved ones. The $20 credit you can win covers the cost of setting up an account plus 15 regular cards (non photo type ) or 10 photos cards with postage, if you choose to spend it there. To see all the great variety of cards they have, just click the "Send Free Card" link. (Don't worry, you don't actually have to send a free card...but hey, it's free, so why not!)

Teddy Christmas Mug pink Santa hat &Pink ribbon mug

By the Becks
This shop has a wide variety of fun gifts to make you smile. They also have touching breast cancer awareness gifts, and the family which runs this shop donates 5% of the proceeds from each of these to Susan G. Komen Foundation and other breast cancer charities.

2012 Sunflowers Calendar calendar

Wheatgrass Designs
Wheatgrass Designs features the photography of Oz Girl. She grew up in Akron, Ohio, then moved to Rural Kansas, where many of the photos in her shop were taken. Her photos are eclectic, ranging from bright and vibrant flowers to western and rural countryside themes.

Lady ornament
If you've been following this blog long you know Scribbleprints is where I share my artistic side (and my funny side too). The features my wild scribble art and humor, plus just a touch of water color painting and photography. I have shops both at CafePress and Zazzle.

This giveaway doesn't end until after Christmas, but you can shop right now at these shops and save with the following coupons:

There are multiple ways to enter, so head over to A Sunny Holiday Giveaway now, and get your entries in!

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Anna Maria Junus said...

Okay Cindy, I'm searching all over for your funny posts. Where are they? Does the humor man exist because he still other people's humor and you were one of his victims? Come back. I miss you.