Sticky Notes

They're Not All that They're Sticky-ed Up to Be
By C.L. Beck

 The other night I had the strangest dream....

In it, I hunted all over for a pad of sticky notes, and every one that I pulled off my cluttered desk had lots and lots of writing on it. On every single page. Some written in bold, black marker.

The Hubster smiled and gave his mental health shrinky-therapist opinion. "That shows your desire to buy me a new car. Writing in blue signifies a Camaro ... red means you're getting me a Mustang."

What? I think not, Buster!

If the notes contained wisdom and knowledge, it would have been all right. Or if they even gave instructions on how to make my fortune, it would have been fine. But, they didn't.

And now -- for some strange reason -- I have a weird, nagging desire to drive to the office supply store and buy all their sticky notes.

Quick! Somebody hide my car keys.

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"Sticky Notes" © C.L. Beck; image © QualityC
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