Today is Blame Someone Else Day

By C.L. Beck

Yahoo, and yippee! It's "Blame Someone Else Day!"

Well ... maybe ... sorta ... kinda. Apparently, the official calendar dudes and dude-ettes of the world haven't quite agreed on it. Some think it happens on the first Friday-the-13th of the year. Others vote for April, or September.

What the heck! I say let's have it on all those days. You can never blame someone else too many times.

And anyway, radio announcers were discussing it today on the radio, so today is a good enough start for me.

Oh, joy! Just think of it. You can blame all your misdeeds, mistakes, and problems on someone else.

Is your weight a little more than you'd like? Blame it on the Krispy Kreme donut shop.

Not as rich as you'd like to be? Blame it on your accountant.

The supper you cooked didn't turn out quite so tasty? Blame it on Ms. Betty Crocker!

As for me, I haven't done as much writing lately as I'd like. Should I blame it on the computer? Hmmm. Or maybe on Russ? He's always good for a blame or two.

No, I think today I'll blame it on the dog. It's Corky Porky Pie's fault. 

Yup. Who better to blame when your life is going to the dogs?

(What about you? Are you taking advantage of Blame Someone Else Day?)

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Slamdunk said...

Haha. I think blame someone else day is celebrated 365 days per year in our house.

I hope you had a nice holiday season Cindy.

Cindy Beck, author said...

Hmmm, left a comment before for you Slamdunk, but it must have been eaten by gremlins. Anyway, thanks for commenting. :)