And the winner is ... by Cindy Beck

© 2008, by Cindy Beck
(Keywords: prize, winner, license plate, contest, Quackers, Corky Porky Pie, rubber ducky, rubber duckie)

The winner of the license plate frame slogan contest is ... ta da ... that Queen of the Clan, Danyelle Ferguson. Danyelle's winning slogan was: This Is My Dream Van . . .Where Are The Dream Gas Prices?

So sad, but so true.

Congratulations to Danyelle. Her official prize of a never-before-used-in-a-bathtub rubber ducky is on its way. Well ... as soon as she sends me her address.

Please note the winning entry was chosen by Quackers, the rubber ducky, and Corky Porky Pie, the dog, who are experts in the field. I don't know in what field, but they're experts.

What's playing in my head: Rubber Duckie, by Ernie the Muppet



Danyelle Ferguson said...

Yeah! I'm so excited!!! And so is my 17 month old - she absolutely LOVES rubber duckies! Thanks.

Shirley Bahlmann said...

Okay. I'm not quite following this. I was going to scroll down and find out more, but my oh-so-wise-son Zack said, "Mom, what are you doing on the Internet? This is time you could be using for writing."
So, love ya! Good bye!

Cindy Beck, author said...

That's what one of the links are for in the entry, so you can click back to the original post without wasting your time scrolling hither and yawn! (Yes, I meant "yawn." :)

Glad you stopped for a visit. I feel honored that you used some of your writing time on little, ol' me! :)

Cindy Beck, author said...

Congrats, Danyelle!

I'll get that little ducky off to you right away.