The Men at My Thanksgiving Table ... by Cindy Beck

© Cindy Beck, 2008
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I hate to confuse you by actually thinking a semi-deep thought, but every once in a while a serious reflection pops into my brain. And what kind of writer would I be if I didn’t document such a momentous occasion? (Meaning the occasion of a semi-deep thought, not the occasion of confusing you.)

Last year, a writer friend of mine, Connie Hall, posted a blog about who she’d like to have as guests at her Thanksgiving table. My interest was piqued by what she said, and I tucked the topic into the back of my mind as a subject for a blog of my own. Since, as I said, serious thoughts vacate my brain quickly, I try to snatch—no, I did not say “steal”—good ideas when they’re presented by my deep-thinking friends.

At first I thought I'd list ... oh ... twenty or thirty men. But I have a small table, and they'd have to sit five to a chair. I finally settled on the nice round number of six. So, for your serious reading pleasure, (really, honest, this is going to be serious) listed below are six men that I admire, and with whom I’d like to share Thanksgiving.

George Washington: I’d take the opportunity to thank him for being a man of courage, one who stood by his beliefs and founded a fledgling country that, in my opinion, is the best on the face of the earth.

Abraham Lincoln: I’d express gratitude to him for his honesty, loyalty to the Union, and kindness and compassion. I’d like to have the chance to tell him how much I appreciated him keeping our nation intact.

Joseph Smith: Few people have endured the abuse, torment and torture that he did and maintained their integrity. I’d like the chance to—in typical LDS fashion—shake his hand and thank him for being an instrument in the Lord’s hands and in restoring the fullness of the gospel to the earth.

C.S. Lewis: I’d like to chat with the man whose books inspired me long before they became popular movies. I’d like to thank him for a land called Narnia, a lion named Aslan and for the way in which they touched my heart.

Jimmy Stewart: There are few actors that I admire, but he’s one. I should have sent him a note while he was alive to express my appreciation for his talent and the wonderful ways in which he used it. But, I didn’t and I would love one last opportunity to thank him for making me laugh in, Harvey, making me cheer in, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, and making me cry in, Mr. Krueger’s Christmas.

Corky Porky Pie: What, did you really expect I could keep it serious to the end? Naturally, my dog would sit at the table—well, not at the table, but beneath it—because someone has to eat the scraps when the feast is over.

What's playing in my head: For Health and Strength (and daily food, we praise thy name, oh Lord) by Unknown

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Cheri J. Crane said...

I love your list of who to invite for Thanksgiving. I think I would only add one other person: President Hinckley. I love his sense of humor and positive outlook on things.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!

Triple Nickel said...

Great party list, except I'd like to see Robin Williams there. That's spice things up!
Thanks for a great blog with great links.
NaaNew NaaNew

Nichole Giles said...

Nice list! I'm sure Corky Porky Pie will appreciate being remembered. I bet it gets old having to wait for everyone to finish before being offered a bite...

Just don't let him get so full he has a tummy ache by the end of the day!

Maybe one of these days we'll have a doggie Thanksgiving--invite all our doggie friends and feed them steak. That would be a book in itself. Hey...


Carol L. said...

Your list is wonderful.Like you , having always loved Gregory Peck, Paul Newman and Jimmy Stewart. I said to one of my daughters that I wanted to send a note to them to say How I admired their work and the joy they gave to so many. Alas, I didn't and regret it. But I'd have added a couple of Highlanders at my table only because I love the look of plaid in my decor, you know. :)
Carol L.