A Quick Smile ... And BOOK GIVEAWAYS!

Posted by Cindy Beck
Funny anecdote received from the Good Clean Funnies

The Old Ford

When my husband, Mark, took his beat-up pickup truck to our
insurance agent for a pre-insurance inspection, the teen-age
receptionist was sent to look over the truck. Armed with a
checklist and a few simple questions, she breezed through
the chore. She asked, "What are the age and make of the

Mark replied, "It's a '65 Ford." Apologetic about its
desperate condition, he added, "It's an old fossil."

Inside, the office assistant entered the data into her
computer and frowned. "Is there a problem?" asked Mark.

"Mr. Evans, our computers have a lot of automotive data,"
she explained, "but it's never heard of a Ford Fossil."


To enter, leave a comment no later than Friday at midnight on this blog and tell me which of the two books below you'd like to win. If you'd like a chance to win both books, become a follower (click on the follower link in the sidebar), and leave a comment telling me you did it and that you'd like a chance to win both books. It's that simple. Winners will be drawn by random and announced the following week.


It's Just My Nature
by Carol Tuttle
A Guide to Knowing and Living Your True Nature

From the Back Cover:
Why do we use the term "human nature?" What do we mean by "nature?" What does it mean when we say someone has a natural gift? Where does this gift come from? Best-selling author, Carol Tuttle, provides compelling and life changing answers to these simple questions in her newest book, It’s Just My Nature!

It’s Just My Nature! reveals a startlingly accurate method for assessing your personality and behavioral tendencies with a new system called Energy Profiling.

Note: If you don't win, you can always order Carol Tuttle's book at Amazon.com (click here). You can also visit Carol at: www.thecarolblog.com.

(Catharine Lanigan is a charming, articulate woman that I met at a Cedar Fort Writer's Conference in May of this year. She was more than willing to share tips and tricks to help anyone who wanted to break into the romance market. Thank you, Catherine, for your kindness to those coming up behind you! )

Writing the Great American Romance Novel by Catherine Lanigan

From the Back Cover:
If you love writing love stories, this comprehensive guide shows how to break into the romance genre, which accounts for more than half of all mass-market paperback sales. Bestselling romance author, Catherine Lanigan, offers every writing tool you need as well as insight into the writer's relationship with agents, editors, and publicists.

Note: If you don't win, you can always order Catherine Lanigan's book at Allworth Press (click here).


Danyelle Ferguson said...

Obviously the secretary was not a car buff. :)

I would love the book on writing romance novels. Right up my alley! :)

Charles County Breast Cancer Resources said...

Hello Daughter,
I’d like a chance to win Carol’s book. I’m always looking for something different to put in "breast cancer awareness" baskets we give away at events during the year. It would also be great to give to a speaker at our monthly meetings. Thanks. Ma

Nichole Giles said...

Hm. I think I'd love the romance novel one, because I already have the energy profiling one. (Great book, by the way.)

Fun blog!


Dave Beck said...

Funny about the Ford!

I'd like Carol Tuttle's book. That sounds like an interesting read.

Shirley Bahlmann said...

Man, I wanted Carol Tuttle's book, but I think you should give it to your mom for the Breast Cancer Awareness basket! That's a much more noble cause.
Love, Juanita-ta-ta

Unknown said...

Even though you probably don't remember me. I was a librarian at the Ephraim Library and that is where we met. I enjoy reading your email newsletters every week. I would really love to win, It's Just My Nature, by: Carol Tuttle. I actually requested my local library (I am in Provo now) to buy this book because I haven't read it yet and I really, really want to. :) Thank you for giving it away to some lucky person! :) Have a great day!
Becky (rebeccajones@gmail.com)

Rachelle Christensen said...

That's funny! :)
I wanna win the romance book! Pick me, pretty please!

Unknown said...

I think it's great that you do these give aways! Thank you for thinking of us. And if you really want to give me something, I'll take whatever you have left!!!! :-)

Triple Nickel said...

My wife tells me I'm just like a Ford - I need to be Fixed Or Repaired Daily!
I'd like the "It's just my nature book." I already have the other one and it's very good!
Thanks for the contest and another fun blog.

Unknown said...

Ya gotta love our younger workforce. The Ford story is too funny! :)

I would love a chance to win Carol Tuttle's book... that sounds soooo interesting. So throw my name in the hat for her drawing! And thanks for having this fun giveaway.

Carol L. said...

Love the joke. :) I'd like to win "It's Just My Nature" I'm now a follower and "Thanks" for the give away.
Carol L.

Anonymous said...

I love the joke! I did not know Carol Tuttle's new book was out, but I would love that one! Her material from her website and first book has been so helpful to me!

Cindy Beck, author said...

Danyelle, Ma, Nichole, Dave, and Shirley: Thanks for entering the contest. Sorry you weren't winners, but maybe next time!

Cindy Beck, author said...

Rebecca: Wow, it's great to hear from you! I didn't know you were in Provo now. I'm glad you included your email address; I'll drop you a note soon. :)

(Sorry you didn't win the book. Better luck next time.)

Cindy Beck, author said...

Nancy, Triple Nickel, Oz Girl, and Dear Friend: Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. Sorry you didn't win ... maybe next time, though! :)

Cindy Beck, author said...

Rachelle and Carol L: Congrats! You're both winners!

Rachelle: Hope you enjoy the romance book. I'm really looking forward to your romance novel, coming out next spring!

Carol: If you'll email me your address, I'll get the book you won sent out to you. You can reach me at author(at)bythebecks(dot)com.

Thanks for entering, you two lucky ladies! :)