Crash Landing ... and Progresso Soup Mug Giveaway

Posted by Cindy Beck

As he reviewed pilot crash reports, my Air Force military science professor stumbled upon this understated entry: "After catastrophic engine failure, I landed long. As I had no power, the landing gear failed to deploy and no braking was available. I bounced over the stone wall at the end of the runway, struck the trailer of a truck while crossing the perimeter road, crashed through the guardrail, grazed a large pine tree, ran over a tractor parked in the adjacent field, and hit another tree. Then I lost control."

From: The Good Clean Funnies.


CONTEST WINNERS: Taffy Lovell, you're the winner of the bottle of lavender oil! Please contact me no later than midnight on Wednesday, Nov 4 to claim your bottle of lavender oil. Send me an email with your mailing address at cindybeck(dot)author(at)yahoo(dot)com.

If the prize isn't claimed by Wednesday, a new winner will be drawn.

THIS WEEK'S GIVEAWAY: Prize pack that includes two Progresso soup mugs and spoons!

I recently received word from Progresso about four new Progresso soups that have 28% of the recommended Daily Value of fiber per serving (7 grams) and have no artificial flavors. The new varieties include Chicken Tuscany, Creamy Tomato Basil, Hearty Vegetable and Noodles and Homestyle Minestrone.

Progresso was kind enough to send me a gift pack that included a can of their new Chicken Tuscany soup to review. I'm not usually a big fan of the Italian-flavored soups, but I really enjoyed this one. It had wonderful flavor and I loved the white beans in it.

HOW TO ENTER: Leave a comment on this blog entry telling me which of the above Progresso, high fiber soups sound good to you (or, you can leave any other comment, as well). Contest ends Friday, Nov 6, 2009 at midnight.

*Winners will be announced no later than Monday, Nov 9, and will have until midnight on Wednesday, Nov. 11, to contact me at cindybeck(dot)author(at)yahoo(dot)com, or ... sorry ... another winner will be chosen.*

Disclaimer: Please note that my family members are encouraged, enticed, and eligible to comment on my thoughts, but unfortunately, are ineligible to enter the contests.)

(This giveaway sponsored by Progresso and MyBlogSparkTM)
What's playing in my head: Animal Crackers in My Soup.


Danyelle Ferguson said...

The Creamy Tomato Basil sounds delicious! Yum!

Carol L. said...

Well I'm already sold on the Chicken Tuscany. mmmmm
I love that the pilot realized he lost control before he caused too much damage. Funny story.
Carol L.

Rachelle Christensen said...

Chicken Tuscany sounds yummy. How fun! :)

Nichole Giles said...

Fun fun! That soup sounds yummy. Especially for us mom's with sick kids in the house. Congratulations to Taffy.


Slamdunk said...

Funny pilot story. Crash landing and Soup in the title--now that is one original title.

Dave Beck said...

Very funny!

JC said...

Chicken Tuscany sounds yummy!

Taffy said...

Funny story!
I think the tomato soup sounds nummy.

I posted your contest on my blog. taffyscandy.blogspot.com

LeeAnn said...

Great example of understatement! As for the contest, count me in!