Making a Marriage Last ... by C.L. Beck

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A strong marriage takes work. Being married to a mental health counselor, I know all about the methods for making a marriage last. And based on a phone conversation I just had with my beloved,  I'm thinking I should write a book about it ....

Point #1 in my new book,  Making a Marriage Last: Call and let spouse know you're thinking of him/her.

I punched Russ's number in on the phone and said, "Hi, where are you at?"

I heard the hum of tires on pavement in the background as Russ responded. "Just leaving the state hospital and on my way to 5 Guys Burgers and Fries to pick up supper. I'll be home soon with it."

"Oh ... you're that far away?"

#2. For marital bliss, one of you (or the other) should always keep the house neat, tidy, and cobweb free.

I paused before continuing the conversation, then sighed, and swiped at a meandering cobweb as it drifted down from the ceiling

Concern tinged Russ's voice as he said, "What's wrong? Why did you sigh; aren't you feeling well?"

I swung my hand in circles, trying to fling the sticky cobweb off.  "No, I'm fine. Just bored. And I thought you'd already left a while ago and were close to home with the burgers and fries by now."

"Well, I'll be there soon with the food and it will help un-bore you." He said it in this cheerful, chirpy voice that annoyed me. I don't know why. Maybe because I was experiencing low blood sugar since it was taking so danged long for him to get those burgers and fries!

(Note to Self. Should Point #3 be, "Do not make gagging noises when spouse sounds cheerful and chirpy?" Or, "Do not strangle spouse when he/she sounds cheerful and chirpy?" Reconsider book. Instead, maybe do one on 50 Ways to End a Marriage.) 

I rubbed my cobwebby hand across a pad of paper, trying to get the stuff off. The pad pushed a stack of books off the desk with a crash, causing Corky Porky Pie to leap up from his sleeping position underneath and bang his head. Just to clarify, for those of you who don't know -- Corky Porky Pie would be the dog, not the thirty-six-year-old kid who lives halfway across the country.

#4. Grown children who live far away should not expect an inheritance any time soon. Or ever! (Oh wait ... that goes in the parenting book.)

More concern tinged Russ's voice. "Is everything okay there? I heard a crash."

I watched another cobweb float down. One with a spider attached to it. (Note to Self. Remove words, "Keep house cobweb free," from Point #2)

After pondering the bug for a second, I decided to let Russ kill it when he arrived home. (Note to Self. Doesn't Russ hate spiders? Review blog article about Russ and spiders before writing book.)

#5. To make a marriage last, do not feed the dog any snacks least he barf them back up later into spouse's shoes.

Corky Porky saw the ugly arachnid from the corner of his eye, ran over, and gulped it down. I grimaced as he "urped" and headed over to deposit stomach juices and a half-eaten bug in one of Russ's slippers. "Umm, everything is fine," I said into the phone. (Note to Self. Do not hand Russ his slippers when he enters the door. Let him get them himself.)

Russ cleared his throat slightly. "Okay, then. I'll be home in a jiffy with those burgers and fries."

I suddenly realized my view of marriage might be slightly tainted -- hopefully only for the moment -- by my overwhelming hunger and coma-inducing low blood sugar.  I took a couple of chugs from last night's bottle of apple juice that had managed to stay on my desk through the crash.

Point #6 in my soon-to-be written, enormously popular best-seller, Making a Marriage Last: Let spouse know of your love and concern for his/her safety.

As my sugar level started to rise, I felt less cranky and said, "Drive carefully."

Russ's voice sounded a little distant as the cell phone reception wavered. "Don't worry. I will."

By now I was feeling back to normal, "Ok. Love you," I said. "Watch out for those big trucks on the freeway. I wouldn't want you in an accident because ..." I paused, searching for just the right words to convey the depths of my feelings, " ... because I don't like my French fries bent!"

(Note to Self: Consider possibility that I am not cut out for writing a book on marriage. Instead, write a best-seller titled, Fiction vs. Fact for Repelling Spiders.)


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1womansbabble said...

I loved this post. I have just happened upon your blog and had a lovely morning laugh from reading over a few of your posts. :-)
The bending fries part was hilarious. Sounds like something I would say.

1womansbabble said...

HIlarious! Loved the bent fries comment. Sounds like something that I would say.
I'm so glad I happened upon your blog this morning. Nothing like a good morning giggle.

1womansbabble said...

(oops..the comment that I thought didn't go through obviously went through! Boy am I embarrassing myself today.)

Kathi Oram Peterson said...

Love this! What would we do without our thoughtful husbands? I know I'd be lost. Thanks for the chuckle. And I loved how you ended your post. Not the standard I love you, but the meaning is the same.

Anna Maria Junus said...

Point 6; Don't talk to hubby on the phone while he's driving. He might not make it home with the fries.

Cindy Beck, author said...

Kathi: Thanks for stopping by. Glad you liked the ending. Gotta love a man who goes and gets French fries for you, huh? :)

Cindy Beck, author said...

Anna: Oh yes, good point. At least he wasn't texting, though, so I suppose that should count for something! Thanks for stopping by.

Cathy said...

Great post. Corky porky hurling the spider made me chuckle. Our pups hurl ice cream immediately, it must be too cold. We'll have to keep our slippers hidden.

Melinda said...

I got a laugh out of this article -

#4. Grown children who live far away should not expect an inheritance any time soon. Or ever! (Oh wait ... that goes in the parenting book.)

Ummm, can I persuade you against writing that parenting book!

Sincerely, Your DIL

Cindy Beck, author said...

Hi 1womansbabble! So sorry that I didn't get a reply in to your comments earlier. Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving your thoughts.

Oh ... wanted to mention. I really enjoyed your article, "Mid Snow and Ice." What a hoot! Could really relate. :)

Cindy Beck, author said...

Hi Cathy: Oh my gosh, everything you say makes me smile! :) Just the way you phrased, "Corky Porky hurling the spider" had me laughing.

Thanks for stopping and commenting on my article, "Making a Marriage Last ... by C.L. Beck." Always love to hear from you.

Enjoyed your article, "Make a pop-up nativity card." You are so creative ... as well as funny!

Cindy Beck, author said...

Hi DIL (Melinda)! Thanks for stopping by to comment on my article,
"Making a Marriage Last ... by C.L. Beck." You're such a thoughtful DIL, always reading and commenting n my articles.

Am so glad you enjoyed it, especially point #4. :)

By the way ... love visiting your store, September Sunshine, to see what new products you have. You are so talented!