Did I fall into Wonderland?

I'm seriously considering the thought -- did I fall into Wonderland?

Ok, I can hear you all asking why, and muttering about whether or not I've lost my marbles.

Nope, I haven't lost 'em. At least I don't think I have. (Wait. Let me shake my head and count them. Yup, they're all there.)

Here's what happened...

The other day the Hubster and I were standing in the side yard, discussing something, when lickety-split, this rabbit came barreling across the street. He was headed on a beeline (or is that a bunnyline?) toward the Hubster, and the height of his bounce increased exponentially each time.

"Acckkk!" I yelled, as a word of warning for the Hubster. I seriously thought the crazy thing was going to bound and hit the Hubster in the head.

Unfortunately ... er ... I mean ... fortunately we will never know if the Hubster would have been knocked cold by a bunny's right cross, because my yell caught his attention.

No, not the Hubster's attention, the bunny's. The Hubster kept right on talking about this and that, but the bunny made a sharp left turn and disappeared under the neighbor's fence.

I'm pretty sure, though, I heard him say, "I'm looking for a hookah-smoking caterpillar," as he went by. Or maybe he said, "I'm looking for a Hokey-Pokey caterpillar."

I'm not sure which.

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