Over The Top Blogger Tag Questions

Every so often, when a blog gets pushed down to the bottom of the pile, it seems worth it to resurrect it. So ... here it is, a blog from light years ago. Or maybe a tenth of a light year. Who knows? Let's just say it's old, but fun.

 About 6.5 light years ago, I was given a blogging award in which I was supposed to answer a plethora of questions and then pass the award along. Being a blogger of little brain ... ummm, I mean ... being short on time, I said I would answer the questions later, but I did pass the award along to the five bloggers below.

Shirley Bahlmann at Shirley Bahlmann Biz (fun blog)
Russ Beck at On the Couch (mental health blog)
Taffy at Taffy's Candy (fun blog)
Kim at Scribbled Scraps (scrapbooking and book reviews)
Nichole Giles previously at LDS Humor (more currently at Random-ish)

And 6.500182 light years later, here I am answering the questions.

• Where is your cell phone? In my back pocket. Where it frequently butt-dials people and I hear them yelling, "Hello? Hello?" but I can't figure out where they are.(True story. Methinks I should write a blog about it sometime.)

• Your hair? Where is my hair? Why, on top of my head, of course! Silly question. It would look a little odd growing off my toes. Sorta like a hobbit. Although, it might be handy to keep it in a drawer and only stick it on when needed. (The hair, not the toes.) Now that I think about it, though, hair that you keep in a drawer would be called a wig. Duh.

Your favorite drink? Chocolate milk. Ah yes, chocolate milk ... the nectar of the gods. Or of cows. Not sure which.

• What land are you in? Since fantasy characters seem to be on my mind, I will paraphrase from C. S. Lewis's Chronicles of Narnia: I am in the far land of Spare Oom, in the bright city of War Drobe. (Translated for non-Narnians: I am in the spare room (Spare Oom) in the wardrobe (War Drobe). Hmmm, I think that had a funnier impact when C.S. Lewis wrote it.

• Where do you want to be in 6 years? Rich. Or possibly wealthy. But if that won't work, I'll settle for lotsa money. In reality, I'll probably still be sitting at my computer ... covered in cobwebs.

• One place that you go over and over? To the bathroom. I know it's probably not politically correct to mention it ... but ... you did ask! Oh? You meant someplace other than that? I go to cyberspace. Without a space suite ... space soot ... space suit, even. Yes, I know, it's brave of me and hard to breathe out there, but I'm a courageous woman.


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