Stuffing the Turkey ... by Cindy Beck

(Or … Lessons Learned from Last Thanksgiving)

© Cindy Beck 2008
(Keywords: Cindy Beck, Thanksgiving, lesson, yams, rolls, pie, Thanksgiving feast, humor, Latter-day Saints, LDS, Your LDS Radio, yourLDSNeighborhood.com)

I ate and ate until I thought
My buttons all would pop.
I gobbled up the turkey
Not considering when to stop.

I scarfed down mashed potatoes,
With gravy, yams, and rolls,
And wondered why, when I looked down,
I couldn’t see my toes.

I polished off the stuffing
And a cranberry or two,
Then noticed that my stomach felt
Like it had caught the flu.

It seemed like maybe time to quit
Before I up and died—
But that was just before someone
Brought out the pumpkin pie.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends. May your turkey be juicy, your mashed potatoes creamy, and may your pants have an elastic waistband!

What's playing in my head: Come, Ye Thankful People by Henry Alford.

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Triple Nickel said...

Roses are red, violets are blue,
Thanks for this blog
But it's all too true!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving & thanks for a great blog!

Danyelle Ferguson said...

Hmm . . .

I can't think of a good rhyme. I
t must be nap time!


Love the links to the recipes. Happy Thanksgiving!

PS - I posted the blessing blog today with your story in it.