Review: "Bone Warriors" by Bron Bahlmann

Cindy Beck

"Bone Warriors" is a highly imaginative, fantasy adventure novel about two teenage boys, Derrik and Tweaks, and the journey that defines their lives. Derrik and Tweaks are among the few survivors when a wicked Necromancer attacks their village. With their families taken hostage, Derrik is determined to find them, regardless of the cost. Tweaks, being the ever-loyal friend, goes along to help. The journey is fraught with peril, however. Along the way they meet a snake man, a giant cow, and a myriad of bizarre "people" and creatures that are determined to kill them.

Fantasy readers will love the descriptions, the twists and turns to the plot, and the unique way in which Bron Bahlmann brings the story to its conclusion. In addition, Bahlmann's imaginative creatures will alternately evoke every emotion between love and hate, with humor thrown in between. My favorite character, Clatterin, plays an important role, but I'll not ruin the surprise by telling you how. You'll have to read it and see.

"Bone Warriors" is an enjoyable, well-written novel, especially coming from a writer as young as Bahlmann. At fifteen, he's an author everyone should keep their eyes on.


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Slamdunk said...

Nice review--Our young reader is busy with a youth Star Wars set, but this looks interesting.