Do Medigap Plans Cover Hearing Loss?

By C.L. Beck

"How long until you retire?" I asked my hubby, Russ, the other morning.

"What? The car needs new tires?" He scratched his head. It's an easy feat since there's nothing on top and not much on the sides. I often wonder how much we're saving in shampoo in Russ's current, aging state.

Face it, the man is not only bald but needed to turn up his earring aid. And as soon as I can convince him to wear one, I'm turning it up for him.

"No, Russ. The car doesn't need new tires. I said, 'How long until you retire?'"

A small look of panic crossed Russ's face. "The toast is on fire?"

He rushed to the toaster and tried to pop it up. "I don't see any fire and the toast must be stuck!" He banged the side of it, dislodging crumbs all over the floor, which Corky Porky Pie promptly licked up.

I sighed and mumbled, "The man is deaf in one ear and can't hear out of the other. I wonder -- do medigap plans cover hearing loss?"

"What's that you say? You really need to speak up -- no one can ever hear you." He jiggled the toaster more and then stuck a fork in it. "I sure don't see any toast in here."

Thinking fast, I unplugged the toaster and grabbed the fork from him. "That's because THERE IS NO TOAST IN THERE!" By now I felt certain the neighbors three blocks over had heard the news that there was no toast in our toaster.

An incredulous look crossed Russ's face."You say there's a roast in there? Cin, I think your mind must be going. No one cooks a roast in the toaster. It looks like next year when I retire, we'll need to check out medigap plans for you that cover Alzheimers."

My mouth dropped open and my eyes blinked rapidly.

It's a good thing I had already tossed that piece of silverware in the sink -- otherwise we'd be looking for insurance that also covered stabbing by fork.


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"Do Medigap Plans Cover Hearing Loss?" © C.L. (Cindy Lynn) Beck
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Unknown said...

Oh Cindy, this one hit home for me. :-) My husband is practically deaf in one ear (from too much time on an aircraft carrier in his younger days) so I've had conversations very similar to this! So frustrating sometimes. And then he has the nerve to try to talk to me when I'm two rooms removed from him -- really??!! Good thing we get along so well and laugh at most everything.

Wishing you and Russ and Corky Porky Pie the best of the holiday season!!!

Cindy Beck, author said...

Hi Oz Girl! So glad you could relate to "Do Medigap Plans Cover Hearing Loss." Had to laugh at you saying your hubby tries to talk to you from two rooms away. Mine does the same thing, and naturally when I answer ... he can't hear me!