The Tabernacle Choir

Or ... I Can't Sing,  Are You Listening?
 By C.L. Beck

Our Community Choir Christmas Concert takes place soon. Did I mention I'm in the choir? (Yeah, I know. That's an amazing announcement from someone who can't sing.)

I never felt nervous in high school choir performances. And this time, I'm not nervous either. Petrified is a better word.

Most of the people in the choir have musical training. Our director has a graduate degree. No, not like Dustin Hoffman in "The Graduate." More like a graduate degree in music from a major university.  Plus, he toured with an internationally famous singing group.

Still, I don't let it get to me. After all, just because some people have performed in the Tabernacle Choir, that doesn't mean anything, right?

And then there's me. Hardly no musical training. Average voice. I sit there muttering, "Every good boy does fine" to figure out the notes and by the time I figure out the first two, the choir director's on to the next page.

He keeps saying consoling words to us. It could be my natural paranoia, but it seems like he's directing them at me ... "I hear some mistakes (looks pointedly at me), but it's okay. There are a few people missing now, who will be here for the performance, and it'll make a big difference when they come."

I'm thinking he's found some way to get Pavarotti and Caruso into the choir.

But ...  since they're both dead, maybe we don't really want them showing up? At least, I don't.

And then there's my propensity to end a song too soon. Or to come in when the men are supposed to sing and the women are supposed to be quiet.

But worst of all, there are the times when the director indicates we should all stand and my skirt gets caught on the folding seat. I try to stand up, and fall forward instead. There I lean, hanging on by my skirt, narrowly avoiding a face plant, my nose a mere two inches from the floor.

If you believe in the power of pray, please pray that on the night of the performance my voice won't crack and my skirt won't catch. If you don't believe in the power of prayer, pray I'll catch the stomach flu and have to stay home.

Still, I'm an optimist. Looking on the bright side -- if all my fears come true, there is one consolation. It'll give me fodder for next month's newspaper column.


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The Tabernacle Choir © C.L. (Cindy Lynn) Beck,   Image © spider ara
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Shirley Bahlmann said...

Aw, Ramona, you make me laugh, and that's always a good sound, so just laugh while you sing!

Melinda said...

Merry Christmas!! I've heard you sing during our very harmonious, never off key Christmas family singing time - so I'm sure there's no need to be nervous! Have fun and just wear pants instead of that skirt! Ha ha.

Cindy Beck, author said...

Shirley: That is my goal in life ... to keep you laughing. And you make it fun because you laugh so easily! :)

Thanks for stopping by and commenting on "The Tabernacle Choir."

Cindy Beck, author said...

Melinda: Oh, if only I could have worn pants. That would have been the best solution! And thanks for saying you've never heard me sing off key during our Christmas-sing-along. I'm thinking you never sat next to me ... ha ha. :)

Thanks for stopping by and commenting on "The Tabernacle Choir."

RD McNeely said...

As always Cindy, you brightened my day! Boy can I relate to the who "he looked pointedly at me" thing. Been there done that.
I can say my skirt has never gotten caught, since I've never worn one. However, given the nature of my not so skinny backside, I finde my pocket getting caught on the arm rests of those narrow seats far to often when I'm trying to sit down. Nothing like sitting and hearing a rip at the same time.

Happy new year!


Cindy Beck, author said...

Hi Randy: I can always count on you to be able to relate ... and this time in an up-close and personal experience of your own.

I'm repenting of the fact that I laughed at the thought of your pockets catching on the armrests. It wasn't nice of me to laugh. But hey, I did repent. :)

However, I must admit it brightened my day to know I'm not the only one who has an ongoing battle with the seats!

Thanks for stopping by and commenting on, "The Tabernacle Choir."

Cindy Beck, author said...

Happy New Year to you all! And thanks again for stopping to read and comment on "The Tabernacle Choir."